Tuesday, 3 May 2016



install jprofiler.

jprofiler is java profiling tool, it also includes feature to profile cpu,memory,threads.

getting started with jprofiler.

1. download latest version
ref: jprofiler

2) Insatall the software.

3) intigrate with ide(eclipse).
steps to intigrate.

a) start jprofiler.
b) go to session ->IDE intigration ->select IDE-> eclipse (version). click on intigrate.

c) start eclipse.
d) go to windows->prespective->custom prespective->Action set visiblity->check profiler.
intigration is done

2) how to run jprofiler on project.

a) select the project.
b) right click and run ->profile ->profile configuration-> choose the project
c)choose ->apache tomcat-> source (remove the default if there are any).
d)add the project source directory.click on profile.
e) jprofiler will start window with statistics.

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