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Eclipse shortcuts

Eclipse shortcuts

Navigational Shortcuts:


Main menu:

Shift+ F10 Context menu
Ctrl +F10 View menu

Workspace navigation:

F12 Activate editor
Ctrl+Shift+W Switch editor
Ctrl +F6 Next editor
Ctrl +Shift+ F6 Prev editor
Ctrl F7 Next workspace
Ctrl Shift F7 Prev workspace
Ctrl+ F8 Next perspective
Ctrl +Shift+ F8 Prev perspective
Alt +Left Back
Alt+ Right Forward


Alt +Shift+ S Show in…
Ctrl+ Shift+ R Jump to file
Ctrl+ N New file
Ctrl +S Save file
Ctrl +Shift+ S Save all files
Ctrl+ F4 Close file
Ctrl+ Shift+ F4 Close all files


Ctrl +L Goto line
Ctrl +F Find
Ctrl +J Incremental find
Ctrl +Shift+ J Incremental find prev
Ctrl+ K Find next
Ctrl +Shift+ K Find prev
Ctrl +H Search workspace
Ctrl +(dot) Navigate next
Ctrl +(comma) Navigate prev

Java navigation:

F3 Goto declaration
Ctrl+ Shift+ U Find references in file
Ctrl +Shift+ G Find references in workspace
Ctrl+ G Find declarations in workspace
Ctrl +Shift+ P Navigate to matching bracket/brace
Ctrl +T Popup type hierarchy
Ctrl +Shift+ T Open Type
Ctrl +O Outline of current source
Ctrl +F3 Outline of current cursor position
Ctrl +Shift+ Arrow Jump beetween methods up or down
F2 Show Javadoc
F4 Show hierarchy
Ctrl +Alt+ H Open call hierarchy

General editing:

Alt+ Arrow+ Move line(s) up or down
Alt +Shift+ Up Expand selection to enclosing element
Alt +Shift+ Right Expand selection to next element
Alt+ Shift+ Left Expand selection to previous element
Alt +Shift+ Down Restore previous selection
Ctrl +Alt +Arrow Duplicate line(s) up or down
Shift +Enter Insert line below
Ctrl +Shift+ Enter Insert line above
Ctrl +D Delete line
Ctrl +Shift+ Q Toggle Quick Diff
Ctrl +Shift+ Y Convert to lowercase
Ctrl +Shift +X Convert to uppercase

Java editing:

Al+t Shift+ U Remove occurrence annotations
Ctrl +1 Quick fix (works even when there are no errors
Ctrl +Shift+ M Add import
Ctrl +Shift+ F Reformat
Ctrl +Shift+ O Organize Imports
Ctrl +/ Comment
Ctrl +\ UnComment
Ctrl +Shift+ Space Parameter hints
Ctrl Hyperlink identifier
Ctrl+ I Correct indentation
Shift+ Space Incremental content assist


F5 Step into
F6 Step over
F7 Run to return
F8 Resume
F9 Relaunch last
F11 Run/debug last
Ctrl+ F11 Run
Ctrl +Shift+ B Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl+ D Display
Ctrl +Q Inspect
Ctrl +R Run to line
Ctrl +U Run snippet


Alt+ T Refactoring menu
Ctrl+ Shift+ Z Undo refactor
Ctrl +Shift+ Y Redo refactor
Alt +Shift +R Rename
Alt +Shift+ V Move
Alt +Shift+ I Inline
Alt +Shift+ M Extract method
Alt +Shift+ L Extract local
Alt +Shift+ C Change method signature


F5 Refresh
F1 Infopop
F2 Show resizeable hover

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