Friday, 22 April 2016

puppet Resource Types reference

puppet resource [options]



* --debug:
  Enable full debugging.

* --edit:
  Write the results of the query to a file, open the file in an editor,
  and read the file back in as an executable Puppet manifest.

* --host:
  When specified, connect to the resource server on the named host
  and retrieve the list of resouces of the type specified.

* --help:
  Print this help message.

* --param:
  Add more parameters to be outputted from queries.

* --types:
  List all available types.

* --verbose:
  Print extra information.

This example uses `puppet resource` to return a Puppet configuration for
the user `root`:

    $ puppet resource user root
    user { 'root':
     home => '/home/root',
     uid => '100',
     ensure => 'present',
     comment => 'root comments',
     gid => '1000',
     shell => '/bin/bash',
     groups => ['sysadmin','audio','video','puppet']

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