Thursday, 21 April 2016

puppet labs

puppeet lab :

ref: puppet 

try the emulator for getting basic.

1) If we want to see resources available on root user of linux machine.
cmd : puppet resource <user> <name of the user>
ex :  puppet resource user root

output :

st $: puppet resource user root

user { 'root':
 ensure          => 'present',
 comment         => 'root',
 home            => '/root',
 password        => '$1$v4K9E8Wj$gZIHJ5JtQL5ZGZXeqSSsd0',

Puppet is describing the current state of the root user in DSL(domain specific language).

The first line is telling us the resource type,in this case user, that the title of this user resource is root.
Then Puppet is displaying a list of attributes that describe the configuration of the root user.

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