Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Client API

JAX-RS Client API, which is a fluent Java based API for communication
with RESTful Web services. This standard API that is also part of Java EE 7 is designed to make it very easy to consume a Web service exposed via HTTP protocol and enables developers to concisely and efficiently implement portable client-side solutions that leverage existing and well established client-side HTTP connector implementations.

The goals of the client API are threefold:
1. Encapsulate a key constraint of the REST architectural style, namely the Uniform Interface Constraint
and associated data elements, as client-side Java artifacts;
2. Make it as easy to consume RESTful Web services exposed over HTTP, same as the JAX-RS serverside
API makes it easy to develop RESTful Web services; and
3. Share common concepts and extensibility points of the JAX-RS API between the server and the client
side programming models.

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